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ALS association guest speaker Dr. Reva: Dining Health: How you eat, When you eat and Who you eat with


Event was a live webinar on September 21.  The webinar recording can be viewed here: a

Dining health refers to the environment we create to improve the eating experience.  Where we eat, with whom we eat, and when we eat might be equally if not MORE important in determining how much we eat and which foods we eat than the food itself.

Food is a necessity for survival.  But our association with food is complex and deeply rooted in family history and culture.  Food is how many of us show love.  It can be a creative expression.  It can symbolize the change of seasons.  It can be tied to our religion or our beliefs. It becomes our identity.  Food has more meaning than the nutrition.  With changes in swallowing that may happen with ALS, the conversation stems from worry about losing weight.  But we don’t eat nutrition, we eat food.  If we can return the conversation back to food enjoyment, and the dining experience, the desire to eat can be improved.

These are ideas that you can pull out when needed.  This is not a complete “recipe” but tips that will help and provide ideas to make some positive memories out of dining experiences.


Key topics that will be discussed:


1)    Understand why we eat, and our eating behaviors

2)    Examine the different types of soft diet foods. How do you home test your food to make sure it is a safe texture?

3)    We eat with all 5 senses. Learn how to optimize a soft diet to stimulate the senses and increase eating.

4)    Tips on improving the social aspect of eating for people with ALS and their caregivers

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