Sweet Carrot Crispy Melts (5 full serving bags)
Sweet Carrot Crispy Melts (5 full serving bags)
Sweet Carrot Crispy Melts (5 full serving bags)

Sweet Carrot Crispy Melts (5 full serving bags)

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Do you win when your child smiles?  We definitely do!  Our Sweet Carrot Crispy Melts invite all the senses and gives your child eating joy! 

  • A bright orange color to the crisps will attract their curiosity
  • The crisps are easy to finger grasp
  • The initial crunch is delightful. Just enough to make a sound! 
  • The flavors of sweet carrots and jicama will encourage a love for veggies
  • Quick and cleanly dissolving for easier swallowing

Helping your child transition to solids with natural foods is the best way to encourage healthy eating as an adult. 

Our crisps are designed specifically for children with eating and swallowing challenges, and are scientifically proven to dissolve faster than other meltable snacks.* 

Bringing all children together with shareable food that fits multiple needs:

- Non dairy

- No  gluten added

- Non GMO

- No allergens 

- No sugar added

- Vegan

Buy the 10 pack and save or 15 pack and save even more!

Ingredients: Garbanzo Bean Liquid ( water, garbanzo beans, salt, calcium chloride (firming agent), disodium EDTA (color retention)), Olive Oil, Carrot Puree, Potato Starch, Pea Protein Isolate, Inulin, Carrot Juice Concentrate, Methylcellulose, Jicama Juice Concentrate, Salt, Xanthan Gum, Dried Parsley.

Transitions to IDDSI level 4.  Starts as easy to chew (EC7) then melts to minced moist (MM5) or puree (PU4) depending on the individual.  Consult your pediatric swallow  specialist to find out if Savorease is right for your child. 

Individual bags of crisps are intended to be eaten in one sitting.

*Barewal, R., Shune, S., Ball, J., Kosty, D. (2020). A comparison of behavior of transitional-state foods under varying oral conditions. Dysphagia. Advanced online publication.