Caregivers and Consumers

Easy-to-Serve Comfort Foods 
for Good Nutrition

When a person in your care has difficulty chewing or swallowing, getting them to eat enough to maintain their health can be a challenge. Inevitably, they consume smaller meals, which makes snack time much more important for getting enough overall nutrition. 

That’s why we created Savorease™ comfort foods: savory crackers, dips, and soups made from real food with flavors and textures to whet the appetite and return positive food memories.

Made from wholesome ingredients for healthy calories, Savorease
 snacks make nutritious snacking effortless, portable, and pleasurable in small serving sizes that require little or no preparation.


Real Food Texture in a Variety of Flavors

Savorease™ snacks come in a variety of flavors. Designed for a “real meal feel,” our crackers have an initial satisfying crunch, then quickly melt in the mouth. They’re also easy to grasp, which is helpful for those with limited dexterity to feed themselves.

Our snacks are similar in protein and calories to common liquid supplements. They are low or reduced sodium and have little to no added sugar, which helps avoid tooth decay and inflammation that can lead to additional health issues. 

Savorease products are available for purchase through our website for shipping within the United States.

If you have a swallowing problem or a food restricted diet, we recommend that you speak with your healthcare professional about whether Savorease snacks are right for you.

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