Transform the supplement experience with the first rapidly dissolving, easy to digest, savory finger foods that can fit on a supplement rotation.  Savorease crackers and dip are an effective answer to the texture boredom of existing ready-made solutions. Spark your patient’s connection to their food again and reduce the risk for unwanted weight loss.

Healthy Eating Made Easier
  • Savorease™ crackers have an initial crunch, but can melt away in seconds with moderate tongue pressure alone
  • Crackers don’t reduce mouth moisture and require less energy to consume than traditional crackers
  • Dips provide additional lubrication for dry-mouth individuals
  • Lemon and lime notes in dips stimulate saliva and may  help with swallow reflex
  • Savorease products satisfy the nutritional needs of a slow eater
  • Crackers are designed to be easily grasped, making self-feeding easier which can boost a sense of autonomy
  • Savorease products may reduce food waste and improve nutritional health

When enjoyed as a pairing of crackers & dip, each serving is a small meal providing:

200 calories and 7 grams of protein, comparable to an 8 ounce branded nutritional supplement.

Developed by a team of experts.  Tested with clinical trials. 

We are here to support you and your work guiding patients in getting their nutritional needs met and improving quality of life through food enjoyment.  A wellness initiative has been developed for clinicians and facilities.

Our program offers a comprehensive package of information which includes samples, brochures, and direct contact with Dr. Reva Barewal for more information on the most effective implementation strategies.

Our trial sample packs introduce your patients and providers to the product line and can be utilized within a screening assessment and serve as a training food. Each rehab trial pack contains 24 product samples of both the crackers and dips and an informational tool kit. Please mention your interest in the rehab trial pack via the questions/comments section below.