About Us

“I created Savorease to return the flavors, textures and variety of real foods to my patients so they can experience the joy of eating again.”




"I can look back now and see how Savorease food evolved out of my life’s journey. I was born with a jaw issue that was so rare, my parents and I travelled 1200 miles every year to see the only dental specialist that could help us.  Over the course of 10 years, I learned what it was like not be able to chew normally and to be on a soft diet, but it also sparked my interest in dentistry.

At the same time, I also had a passion for food. At the age of 16, I went to Cordon Bleu school.  Later, I became a dentist and joined another French Culinary school.  I would practice dentistry in the morning and go to cooking school in the afternoon and night. But I couldn’t do both careers in the traditional way.  I focused on dentistry and became a specialist, a teacher, a researcher, got married, and had two wonderful children.  In that time, I treated a lot of people with head and neck cancer – rebuilding their mouths.  And then I realized that fixing their teeth wasn’t enough.  They were still unhappy with a soft diet. And to stop losing weight, they took sweet shakes day in and day out.  I wanted to give them more choices.  After all variety is the spice of life!  My food passion kicked in. It took a village of experts, but Savorease was born. Patients love them, care givers love them and I am sure you will love them too."