Uplift your Dysphagia Diet


At Savorease we understand the struggles of a Dysphagia Diet


Puree foods stay more on the plate than in the body.People on a dysphagia diet crave crunchy textures and full flavors.  Now you can improve eating enjoyment with Savorease. 

We created the first finger foods that fit a dysphagia diet but LOOK, TASTE and FEEL like real foods.  Because they ARE real food.  No re-heating, mixing, or recipe making.  Just open and serve.  Make snacks a real opportunity to increase healthy calories. 

Everyone has a seat at the table with Savorease

Savorease food is designed with your enjoyment and safety in mind. 

With 200 calories and 7grams of protein in each snack. Nutrition never tasted this good!

Put Savorease on the table and make a dysphagia food appealing to all. Delight in each crisp bite before it quickly melts in your mouth. 

Approved by hospital dietitians as an alternative to nutritional shakes and to support healthy eating on a dysphagia diet.


Savorease Crackers

Savory Snap Pea Crackers
BUY NOW - $23.99

Harvest Chicken Savorease Crackers

Harvest Chicken Crackers
BUY NOW - $23.99


Savorease Dips

 Mediterranean Hummus Savorease Dip

Mediterranean Hummus Dips
BUY NOW - $11.99

Cuban Black Bean Savorease Dip

Cuban Black Bean Dips
BUY NOW - $11.99