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Do you or a loved one have trouble swallowing food

Our purée dips target the specific nutrition, texture and flavor needs of someone with swallowing difficulties

Dr. Reva wants you to relax and enjoy the convenience of a ready-made, shelf stable purée that satisfies your hunger at any time of day.  


Texture, Flavor and Nutrition

Dips can pair with a crisp or be served with a main meal. These  dips add depth of flavor and are fortified with pea protein to support nutritional needs naturally. The creamy texture  lubricates dry mouths and helps support an easy swallow. A crisp and dip combination is not just a snack. It is a carefully designed nutritional pairing that becomes an eating experience.


Quality ingredients

Puree and juiced vegetables, beans, herbs, and 100% pure olive oil goes into all of our dips. Delicious flavors of real foods eliminate the need to mask with high salt and sugar. Dairy free, no gluten added, and non-GMO. 


Scientifically designed
and tested

Our mission was to solve the need for better puréed foods. 
Easy finger pick-ups. Clean dissolve. Healthy calories. Scientifically proven.

Every Calorie Counts

When you have difficulty swallowing, you may eat slower and more carefully.
Dr. Reva's Savorease ensures every product is nutrient dense, with natural flavors that meet your needs for an easier swallow with food.

Improve your Dining In or Grab 'n Go experience

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