Easy to Swallow Snacks


We made the impossible possible. 

Do you or a loved one have trouble swallowing food? The Savorease family wants you to relax and enjoy the pleasure of snack foods designed specifically for people with difficulty swallowing.  Our finger foods and creamy dips come in a variety of flavors that are healthy yet craveable.  Imagine picking up a cracker, scooping some dip and getting the experience you miss but melts in your mouth to a soft, easy to swallow texture in seconds.

The perfect balance of texture, flavor and nutrition for a safe eating experience. Ready to eat healthy, and be happy?


Designed with your safety and enjoyment in mind

Clinical studies show Savorease crackers dissolve faster than even baby first finger foods! The first adult approved finger foods made for an adult’s eating preferences.

Sweet Carrot crackers, Snap Pea crackers and Chicken flavored crackers are all truly meltable in seconds in the mouth.  Proven to increase snacking enjoyment and nutrition for residents in long term care with chewing or swallowing difficulties. 

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Eat in Your Own Time

When you have difficulty swallowing, you eat slower.  Savorease embraces slow eating or grazing.  Delicious to the last bite. The only thing left on your plate will be a few crumbs! With 200 calories and 7gr of Protein in each snack, you can be sure that you’ll not only be filled with goodness but also maintain a healthy weight.  Nutrition never tasted this good.

Now available straight to your door in the continental U.S. 


Savorease Crackers

Savory Snap Pea Crackers
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Harvest Chicken Savorease Crackers

Harvest Chicken Crackers
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Savorease Dips

 Mediterranean Hummus Savorease Dip

Mediterranean Hummus Dips
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Cuban Black Bean Savorease Dip

Cuban Black Bean Dips
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