How To Use

Our crackers and dips are intended to be enjoyed as a snack pairing to give you optimal nutritional benefit and to provide the best flavor experience. Although the crackers can be enjoyed alone, the citrus and zesty notes of the dips may improve the swallow reflex. 

The Best Way to Store and Enjoy Savorease Foods: 


  • Keep at room temperature.
  • Give a dip cup a good shake before opening
  • Peel back the foil lid and enjoy with the crackers, or as a puree with a main meal
  • Please cover and refrigerate once opened and use within a week. 
  • Keep at room temperature or in your freezer
  • Once opened, eat in one sitting. These crackers, if placed in a humid environment will become a softer texture and possibly take longer to dissolve.
  • Store bags carefully to prevent crushing.