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Our Story

“I created Savorease to return the flavors, textures and variety of real foods to my patients so they can experience the joy of eating again.”



Oral reconstruction specialist and Culinary Chef Dr. Reva Barewal, knows the challenges of a soft diet.  

At a young age, Reva had facial reconstruction surgery due to the unique growth of her jaw. This experience led to Reva’s first hand experience of the challenges of being on a soft food diet. Her personal journey inspired her to become both a culinary chef and an oral reconstruction specialist.

Over the years, she became sympathetic to her patient’s frustration with the monotony of sweet shake supplements they had to drink to maintain their weight, Dr. Barewal partnered with food scientists, doctors, speech-language pathologists and dietitians to find a solution.

The result was Savorease snack supplements, the first line of truly melt-away crackers and savory dips that are intended to support the nutritional needs of people on texture or food restricted diets. Both products are shelf stable and can be eaten at home or on the go.

Savorease snacks encourage physical well being through high quality nutrition that prevents weight loss while also restoring the emotional benefit of eating food you want to eat

The Savorease Team is driven to meet the needs of everyone on a restricted diet through compassion, research and education and we hope that our foods will help you or your loved one regain a taste for life.