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A Simple Solution to Increase Convenience and Compliance 

With a range of Grab and Go snacks that can add to a meal tray or provide an option on their own time, we design our products to offer versatile solutions in hospital, facility, private clinics and at home for texture modified diets.

Savorease Therapeutic Foods is founded on the importance of social, shareable foods throughout the lifespan, so that your patient can maintain or gain a positive relationship with eating.

Ready-made, and tailored to support the slower eater, dysphagia, texture aversions, and chewing difficulties with delicious finger foods that promote independence.

Why do Healthcare Professionals trust Savorease Therapeutic foods? 

We believe that everyone should have food that matches their nutritional needs, and flavor preferences.   Our meltable crisps are the only  evidence based finger food made specifically for dysphagia and chewing difficulties. They fall under the IDDSI  category of Transitional Foods. 

Savorease Crisps and Crispy Melts transition from a crunchy solid up to a puree without chewing and in seconds. The transition is fast and predictable even in dry mouth.  A true meltable finger food that eliminates the struggle with current transitional foods. 
Savorease fills the need for more choices in IDDSI level 6, 5 and 4, and are considered therapeutic foods.  Our Crisps are classified as transitional foods according to IDDSI. The texture following the IDDSI transitional food test, is a puree (PU4). In the mouth, the end point texture depends on the individual's saliva level and ranges from a minced moist (MM5) to a puree (PU4). 
You can now stock your pantry, nourishment room, or floor with sensory enhanced transitional foods made for dysphagia that also support advancement of texture with confidence and ease. 

The Only Clinical Safety Study of Transitional Foods Using IDDSI Criteria 

The dissolution study examined the impact of time and tongue pressure on the dissolve of transitional foods in the mouth. For safety, transitional foods need to dissolve in the mouth to allow for a safe swallow.  The study compared Savorease crisps and crisps with dip to other known transitional foods. Savorease crisps passed the fork pressure test 100% of the time after being in the mouth for the shortest period of time studied of 5 seconds with slight tongue pressure.  This superior result was obtained even in dry mouth conditions.  

Happier, Healthier Eaters

Our foods are recommended by experts in swallowing and nutrition. They fit the latest criteria for a therapeutic diet.*

All Savorease foods are fortified with protein and calories from healthy oils, vegetables and pulses and have been made specifically for those with chewing or swallowing difficulties. Both children and adults love the flavor. Having a ready-made texture modified food that can replace a shake or a pudding and provide a full flavored, visually appealing, savory alternative for your taste buds.

The opportunity is finally here to provide ready-made, tailored support with snacks perfect for the slow eater, and finger foods that promote self feeding.

*Ballesteros-Pomar et al., 2020 

Why Finger Foods?

Research shows that people eat more when they can directly touch food with their hands.1 Not only do children and adults eat more with finger foods compared to puree, but self feeding can help prepare for a more effective swallow. 2, 3

Add one of our mouth watering dips to our novel crisps and you can further engage the senses, get added mouth lubrication, and double the nutritional value! Our fortified dips have been tested to be a true puree and complement the flavors of the crisps.

Happier, Healthier Eaters

Our foods are recommended by experts in swallowing and nutrition. 

Savorease crisps and dips are naturally fortified with plant based protein and healthy olive oils, vegetables and pulses.  Both children and adults benefit from healthy flavors with the natural earthy sweetness coming from fruits and vegetables, not cane sugar.  Plants, and pulses satiate your appetite, and prevent the dissatisfaction in empty calorie snacking.  Elevate the eating experience with Dr. Reva's Savorease. 

Professional and Caregiver Resources

Provide The Support You Need To Help Your Patients Get The Full Benefit From Savorease Therapeutic Foods

Information to Share With Your Team 

We understand that adopting a new choice for your patients often requires communicating the values to your whole team.  To make this easy and effective, we have a complete selection of information sheets by facility type. Click below, find your facility.  Print and share! 

Patient Recommendation Sheet

Easy-to-read patient handout with your  recommended products and instructions on how they can order. 

Patient Education

General information on Savorease Therapeutic Foods and nutritional details for crisps and dips

Guide to Use in Practice

A quick guide to use of our novel transitional foods to help integrate use from hospital to home. 

Reference Articles - Pediatrics

A comprehensive list of articles that support  transitional foods use for Pediatric Feeding Disorder