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Why do Savorease snacks fit into the early ALS diet? by Dr. Reva Barewal

Finding Relief From Dry Mouth by Dr. Reva Barewal

Dysphagia, Malnutrition and Savorease by Dr. Reva Barewal

Dysphagia Journal, May 2020: "A comparison of Behavior of Transitional State Foods Under Varying Oral Conditions." Authors: Barewal R, Shune S, Ball J, and Kotsky D.




ASHA 2019

Dysphagia Cafe: Xerostomia: Dysphagia’s evil twin sister

Dysphagia Cafe: Liberalizing the diet with transitional foods: How to measure foods in this category?

Oregon Public Broadcasting: 'The Four Top': Reva Barewal | Alexis Hillyard | Drew Prindle

PDX Food Press: Episode 61

First Bite: Savoring the Science behind that “First Bite” - Dr. Reva Barewal
Apple Podcast version here

Digital Trends: Food startup is making meltable snacks for people with swallowing difficulties

Portland Monthly: The Dentist Revolutionizing Food for People Who Have Trouble Swallowing

ALS Association Oregon and Southern Washington Chapter

"Having a Seat at the Table": A Conversation on Dining with Reva Barewal

Air Date: 06/03/2020

Cooking with Taste and Texture with Dr. Reva Barewal

Air Date: 08/03/2020

ALS National Association

Dining Health: How you eat, When you eat, Who you eat with webinar

Air Date: 09/21/2020

National Foundation of Swallowing Disorders - NFOSD

Transitional Foods: Updates on their Behavior, Uses and Benefits for Adult and Pediatric Populations

Air Date: 07/22/2020

OSHA 2020 Annual Conference

Live Webinar: Transitional Foods: Updates on Their Behavior, Use, and Benefits in both the Adult & Pediatric Populations with Dr. Samantha Shune, PhD, CCC-SLP

Air Date: 10/10/2020

Denstply Sirona: Webinar

Is a Soft Diet Healthy for your Patients? Understanding the Risks and Benefits

 Air Date: 11/06/2020

ASHA SpeechTherapyPD Pediatric Feeding Disorder Conference

Functional Approaches to Evaluation and Treatment of PFDs

Air Date: 11/08/2020