Soft Diet: What it is and How to Uplift your Diet

What causes the need for a Soft Diet?

As far as the question on soft diet, this can be summarized in a rapid, self-administered quiz (1):

Dysphagia (3 points)/Dry mouth (1 point) 

Eating difficulty (1 point)

No recent dental care (1 point) 

Tooth or mouth pain (2 points)

Alterations or change in food selection (1 point) 

Lesions, sores or lumps in mouth (2 points) 

Most people believe that being on a Soft Diet means giving up on your favorite textures and flavors. Ready-made snack options are often restricted to shakes and puddings, which are frequently high in sugar. Or items like Jello, which are nutrient empty.

Further, limited snack options reduce the availability of “choice” and may not reflect the individual’s food preferences. Thus, the availability of a wide-range of nutrient-dense, texture-modified food options, particularly for between-meal snacks, is often not an option until Savorease comes into their lives. 

Craving Chips and Crackers? Snack again with Savorease


If you find yourself on a soft food diet meal plan, Savorease is made just for you. Made by Dr. Reva who after years of seeing people struggle with a soft diet answered her patient's cravings for crunchy foods that didn’t hurt their mouth and were easy to swallow. 

The perfect balance of texture, flavor and nutrition for a soft diet. Ready to eat healthy and be happy?


Uplift Your Soft Food Diet

Savorease food is designed with your enjoyment and safety in mind.   We created full flavored dips with natural, healthy ingredients. Each single serving of dip can be stocked in your pantry, not the fridge or freezer where other ready made purees need to be kept.  But what makes these dips truly enjoyable is the pairing with the first ever cracker melts. The unique process for the crackers makes them light and airy yet filled with real veggies, healthy olive oil and plant based protein and fiber.  Delight in each crisp bite before it quickly melts in your mouth.

With 200 calories and 7gr of Protein in each snack, you can be sure that you’ll not only be filled with goodness but also maintain a healthy weight.Approved by hospital dietitians as an alternative to nutritional shakes and to support healthy eating on a soft food diet.

We eat first with our eyes. Put Savorease on the table and make others take notice. Be careful once they do, your snack will be gone!

Now available straight to your door in the continental U.S.  Upgrade your soft diet now! 


Savorease Crackers

Savory Snap Pea Crackers
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Harvest Chicken Savorease Crackers

Harvest Chicken Crackers
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Savorease Dips

 Mediterranean Hummus Savorease Dip

Mediterranean Hummus Dips
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Cuban Black Bean Savorease Dip

Cuban Black Bean Dips
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(1) Bush LA, Horenkamp, Morley JE, Spiro 3rd A. D-E-N-T-A-L: A rapid selfadministered screening instrument to promote referrals for further evaluation in older adults. J Am Geriatr Soc 1996;44:979-981.