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Crispy Melts For Kids - Variety Pack (15 full serving bags)
Crispy Melts For Kids - Variety Pack (15 full serving bags)

Crispy Melts For Kids - Variety Pack (15 full serving bags)

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Kids learning to chew can be empowered by an easy to eat, approachable crisp that is specifically designed for children with special feeding needs but enjoyed by all!  

Our crisps give a one-of-a-kind satisfying crunch and melt in the mouth in seconds  without sticking to their mouth.

Get 5 individual bags of each of our flagship flavors and delight your child with more choices in healthy snacks that fit their needs! Each bag has a 50 calorie snack and NO empty calories. Every bite counts towards healthy digestion, long lasting energy, and acceptance of natural flavors. 

Every crisp is packed with Oregon grown vegetables, and herbs, and real olive oil.  The flavors are balanced and bright and the texture is so approachable that they will keep wanting more.

Variety Pack Include 5 single kid size bags of each flavor of Crispy Melts:

  • Sweet Carrot
  • Snap Pea
  • Harvest Chicken

Our Crispy Melts are appropriate for these dietary preferences:

  • most modified texture diets *consult your swallow specialist
  • low potassium and phosphate diets
  • low sodium
  • lactose intolerance
  • no gluten added
  • no added sugar
  • with vegan options.

Product specifications:  Savorease Crispy Melts are IDDSI tested to dissolve to level 4 puree.  Due to person to person variability in mouth conditions, consult your swallow specialist for recommendation. 

*Processed in a facility that uses soy, wheat, eggs, and tree nuts.