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Crackers & Dips

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Healthy Eating

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Real Food

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Eating is a Sensory Experience.

See. Touch. Taste. Smell. Listen.
When a person is confined to a soft diet, much of this is lost. Savorease™ snack
supplements satisfy the senses for a happier and healthier real eating experience.

Healthy Options for Every Diet

Our plant-based finger foods not only fit into a Mediterranean Diet, but also are appropriate for most people managing their:
Heart Disease
Dry Mouth
Renal Disease
Chewing Difficulties

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Delicious, plant-based crackers and dips. Pair together for full nutritional benefit or enjoy on their own. And they are shelf-stable!

Clinician Designed, Chef Inspired

Real Ingredients

We want to fuel your body with veggies, not sugar. Our snacks also have low sodium, potassium, and phosphorus.  The oils in the products can help reduce bad cholesterol levels in your blood. Citrus notes in the dips stimulate the mouth and coat the tissue.

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Plant-based Nutrition.

Made from real vegetables and legumes, plant protein and healthy oils. Choosing snack time as a way to improve nutrition with healthy choices. Supports slow eaters with finger foods that support continual grazing and reduce waste. Vegan options for crackers, and all products are made without gluten.

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A True Melt-able Snack

Crackers fit the IDDSI framework as a transitional food (Level 7). It can dissolve to Level 4, but varies by individual. Our flavorful, nutrient dense Dips achieve IDDSI Level 4. Talk to your swallow specialist to find out more. 

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an authentic experience that restores the sensory pleasure of eating.

Unique Texture.

A true melt-able cracker with dip pairing that return the joy of finger foods to people on modified texture diets. Proven to be the first rapidly dissolving transitional cracker that is easy to consume, even with dry mouth. 

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Real Flavors.

These savory flavors offer a break in the monotony of sweet shakes, puddings, and highly processed snacks. Loved by children and adults alike and allow everyone to share in the joy of communal eating. 

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Improve Choices in Daily Nutrition

Inspired by flavor! Try all 3 delicious flavors: Sweet Carrot, Snap Pea and Harvest Chicken. A single serving of crackers with dip provides the protein
and calories equal to leading liquid supplements. 

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