The first Clinically Proven dissolvable
finger food


The first crispy, savory finger food clinically proven to help support nutrition, increase food satisfaction, and provide equal safety to purée. Awaken senses, support health and create food joy with the first worry-free solid food for people on soft diets.

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Crispy Melts variety pack

Crispy Melts

 A better choice to improve food satisfaction and nutrition for adults on soft diets

Crispy Melt for Kids - Variety Pack

Crispy Melts for Kids

Small fun shaped Crispy Melts are perfect for little mouths and offer the best first step to solid food

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Savorease is recognized by Apple News
Savorease is recognized by Bloomberg Businessweek
Savorease is recognized by Healthcare without Harm
Savorease is recognized by NFOSD
Savorease is recognized by Feeding Matters
Savorease is recognized by Feeding Matters
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How it works

First dry solid that provides a “crunch” you can hear to break the silence of a soft diet.

Break the silence of a soft diet with your first bite.  

 In seconds you experience delicious flavors before it quickly dissolves to purée.

Enjoy the mouthfeel of a truly dissolvable solid that provides more flavor than purée. 

Effortlessly comes together in your mouth to support an easy swallow

As easy to swallow as purée, but WAY tastier

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Our unique foods support the nutritional, swallow and feeding therapy needs across the lifespan.  We make food that is fun and functional to return joy and support wellness. 

Learn How Savorease Benefits
Learn How Savorease Benefits
Learn How Savorease Benefits
Learn How Savorease Benefits
Learn How Savorease Benefits
Learn How Savorease Benefits
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Vibra Hospital confirms the power of Savorease Therapeutic Foods  

Savorease Crispy Melts were clinically proven to behave the same as purée foods when swallowed. The results of this barium study demonstrated the benefit of Crispy Melts as a viable alternative to purée.
This may be impactful for someone in 3 ways:
Improve food and texture variety
Improve food satisfaction and intake
Help transition to more chewable solids.

Reva Barewal, DDS, MS Oral reconstruction specialist

Dr. Reva Barewal, Founder

Prosthodontist - Specialist in Oral Reconstruction

Why Savorease?

Growing up with chewing difficulties, she knew firsthand the hardships of a soft diet. As an oral reconstruction specialist and chef, she decided to take a new approach to nutrition, dining dignity, and eating/swallowing therapy. She developed a unique, effective and delicious way to support eating enjoyment,  healthy nutrition and eating ability. 
Savorease is craveable nutrition that revives your senses, and gives you back the "joy of crunch".

Feeding and Swallowing Therapy and Daily Nutrition

If you are a healthcare provider or facility manager in a hospital, home health, or senior living setting, get started with samples and brochures. Contact us with questions about our facility wholesale plans.

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