The First Clinically Proven Dissolvable Finger Food

Crispy Melts

A better choice to improve food satisfaction and nutrition for adults on soft diet

Crispy Melts For Kids

Small fun shaped Crispy Melts are perfect for little mouths and offer the best first step to solid food


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    Break the silence of a soft diet with your first bite.

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    Enjoy the mouthfeel of a truly dissolvable solid that provides more flavor than purée.

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    As easy to swallow as purée, but WAY tastier.


Our unique foods support the nutritional, swallow and feeding therapy needs across the lifespan. We make food that is fun and functional to return joy and support wellness.

Why Savorease?

Growing up with chewing difficulties, she knew firsthand the hardships of a soft diet. As an oral reconstruction specialist and chef, she decided to take a new approach to nutrition, dining dignity, and eating/swallowing therapy. She developed a unique, effective and delicious way to support eating enjoyment, healthy nutrition and eating ability. Savorease is craveable nutrition that revives your senses, and gives you back the "joy of crunch".

Dr. Reva Barewal, Founder

Prosthodontist - Specialist in Oral Reconstruction

High-dissolve Crispy Melts exhibit greater swallowing efficiency than purée

Transitional food texture exhibited greater swallowing efficiency when compared to purée and regular food textures in this retrospective analysis of dysphagic patients undergoing FEES

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Feeding and Swallowing Therapy and Daily Nutrition

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I haven't been able to live on an entirely solid food diet in almost a year. I found out about these on Reddit and ordered the variety pack. After months of Ensure, I'm relieved to have something savory that won't hurt me later. Even my spouse without digestive issues likes to sneak one or two. The cheddar is my favorite and I like to top the Garlic & Herb one with soft spreads. The popcorn one is also very good. I hope there can be more flavors in the future, I have no complains on this variety at all though. Definitely will be ordering more.

- Nancy -

Dignity from autonomy was restored with this finger food. Victor developed MS and later experienced challenges related to self-feeding and swallowing as the condition progressed.Savorease was the first dissolvable solid that he could safely eat on his own, without help from others.

- Victor -

I am a retired SLP that also has dysphagia. I take my nutrition through a PEG tube. This is the first time I have been able to eat food by mouth in awhile. When friends come over, I can eat with them. That makes eating feel "normal" again.

- Karen -

The easy melt in your mouth Crispy Melts gives me real food I can enjoy with my family. After head and neck cancer, I missed eating popcorn with my grandchildren. There was never an enjoyable substitute until Savorease.

- Ernie -

As a vibrant two year old living in Canada, Isabelle struggled with texture. She was still on puree. Her grandma wanted to see if Savorease could advance her texture. I was flying to Canada and brought some Crispy Melts with me and sent to her Grandma. She started with a few crumbs, and then a whole puff, and finally this pic taken by Isabelle’s Mom...She was feeding herself for the first time! Her Mom was so proud!

- Nancy -

My 9 year old liked all of them but cheese is her favorite. The garlic herb taste like a mild garlic bread

- Christina -


Learn about the genesis of Savorease Therapeutic Foods and how this product is helping thousands of people enjoy food again when they have dysphagia or chewing difficulties.