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Xerostomia: Dysphagia’s Evil Twin Sister

Savorease founder is a prosthodontist, and French culinary chef with a breadth of research interests ranging from dental implants, geriatric dentistry, and product innovation in the area of therapeutic snack foods for dysphagia. In her private practice, she has to manage many patients with head and neck cancer that have severe xerostomia. They are so easily identified as she can always find a water bottle sitting in their lap, ready to soothe their parched mouths. A common belief is that salivary hypofunction is an age-related change. This is not true at all. It is largely caused by health conditions, hydration and medication. What we will explore is how does the presence of dysphagia and xerostomia affect the individual and what can we do to help them. 

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Food startup is making meltable snacks for people with swallowing difficulties

The term “melt in the mouth” is often used to describe food that’s particularly light and tender. Foodie startup Savorease is taking things a bit more literally. Started by culinary chef and oral reconstruction specialist Dr. Reva Barewal, the company is creating savory, plant-based finger food which literally melts in the mouth — designed for people who are unable or experience extreme difficulty when they try to swallow.

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Bloomberg businessweek

Food for People Who Can’t Swallow Is the Ultimate Culinary Challenge

In This Story You Will Know More About Our Product, The Motivation And The History Of Dr. Reva Barewal, The Founder Of Savorease.

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Liberalizing the diet with transitional foods: How to measure foods in this category?

Implementing the International Dysphagia Diet Standardization Initiative (IDDSI) criteria to all the menus in facility care is a daunting task. It is also serving as an eye opener for many speech-language pathologists and dietitians. For example, soft scrambled eggs, that may have previously been included on a puree menu at some facilities are now being re-categorized more appropriately to a higher level. Although many facilities are still in the process of organizing for this effort, what we have seen is that time and space is being created in busy schedules by a dedicated team of SLPs, RDs, RNs, and food prep staff. As a result, positive change is happening to ultimately improve safety in food selection for patients. By identifying the least restrictive foods for a patient, we are also liberalizing the diet and improving chances of patient food acceptance and enjoyment. These practices are directly in line with the culture change movement happening across institutional settings, including the “New Dining Practice Standards” that recommend an individualized nutrition approach along with diet liberalization for improve quality of life

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The Dentist Revolutionizing Food for People Who Have Trouble Swallowing

Adults don’t want to eat baby food anymore. Teething biscuits are not appropriate psychologically for them. We need to eat for nutrition, but we don’t eat nutrition— we eat food.

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Interview to Savorease's Founder

Dr. Reva Barewal Interviewed About The Savorease Innovation As A Food Solution For People With Swallowing Or Feeding Difficulties.

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Dysphagia Journal

A comparison of Behavior of Transitional State Foods Under Varying Oral Conditions.

Transitional foods are under-utilized in the adult population as they may provide an opportunity to optimize eating pleasure and nutrition for individuals on a modified texture diet. Yet, little is known about the behavioral properties of transitional foods and no research to date has explored the dissolution of known transitional foods in adults. This study aimed to understand the extent of dissolution of five transitional snacks items in relationship to time, tongue pressure, and amount of saliva.

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oregon state university

The Pursuit of an Impossible Food

When Dr. Reva Barewal Noticed That Her Patients Were Suffering With Puree Diets, She Approached Oregon State University Food Innovation Center With A Seemingly Impossible Goal - To Create Crunchy Healthy Foods For People On Soft Diets.

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Dining Health: The ALS Association Oregon and SW Washington Chapter

Cassy Adams, Care Services Director of The ALS Association Oregon and SW Washington Chapter, discussed dining health for people living with ALS with Reva Barewal, DDS, MS, Dip ABDSM. This document: will be referred to throughout the discussion and is a useful resource.