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From food trials to dysphagia and feeding therapy to nutritional intake, Savorease can provide unique advantages for many patient needs. Discover the indications for use and learn how to integrate Savorease into your practice.  The floor stock template can help you begin the process of classifying snacks and small meals according to IDDSI guidelines. 

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Research Evidence on Transitional Foods

Transitional Foods in Adult Flexible Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES) Protocol

This was a retrospective study of 39 patients receiving FEES at a university medical center, outpatient otolaryngologist clinic. Using a Visual Analysis of Swallowing Efficency and Safety (VASES), for analysis it was found that transitional foods exhibited greater swallowing efficency when compared to purée. The clinical relevance is that transitional foods may benefit a patient when considering diet texture recommendations and therapeutic planning.

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Sensory-Enhanced, Fortified Snacks for Improved Nutritional Intake Among Nursing Home Residents

N ursing home residents were provided typical facility snacks or sensory-enhanced, Savorease Therapeutic snacks across two separate 8-week time blocks. Snacks were weighed before and after sessions using a food scale. Calories, fat, carbohydrates, protein, sodium, sugar, and fiber consumed were calculated daily. Participants consumed increased protein and fat, and fewer carbohydrates and sugar in the enhanced snack condition, with no significant difference in caloric intake. 

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Redefining the Value of Snacks in Nursing Homes:

Bridging Psychosocial and Nutritional Needs 

The primary purpose of this study was to identify residents’ snacking preferences and barriers encountered. Ten residents engaged in a total of 17 semi-structured interviews following a period with typical snacks and then Savorease snacks. The themes revealed that residents value snacking because of social aspects and feel that the importance as far as nutrition and enjoyment are not emphasized enough. Overall, a disconnect between the food-related emotional “wants” and physical needs of residents likely contributes to malnutrition risk. 

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The Behavior of Transitional Foods in the Oral Environment using IDDSI Criteria 

This study examined the dissolve rate and end point of transitional foods in the mouth. Savorease Crispy Melts were compared to other known transitional foods. Savorease Crispy Melts™ transition from a crunchy solid up to a puree without chewing and in seconds. The transition is fast and predictable even in dry mouth.  

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Behavior of Transitional Foods As Compared To Puree : Videofluoroscopic Analysis

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Learning to Chew Mouth Toys

Transitional Foods  For Pediatric Feeding Disorders

Transitional Foods Benefits for Neurodegenerative Conditions