Elevate your outpatient care with
medically tailored transitional foods
for patients on soft diets.  

Savorease adds nutritional and therapeutic options to your practice to help you enhance patient satisfaction and reach treatment goals.  

Popular Uses Of Crispy Melts In Outpatient Setting

Therapeutic Applications

Stimulate Oral Processing Skills Compensatory Strategies Diet Advancement Or Maintenance

Nutritional Applications

Complementary Nutrition At All IDDSI Solid Texture Levels Improve Food Related Quality Of Life On The Go Snacking Solution For All Soft Diets

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Order The Best Options For Your Clinic. These Options Are Perfect In Private Practice, Outpatient Clinics And Home Health

Patient samples

Always have samples on hand for  use in nutritional consults or therapy sessions. Each sample has 3-7 Crispy Melts- perfect for food trials or as an oral sensory tool. Each box includes 20 samples. Choose larger puffs for adults (Crispy Melts) or smaller puffs and rods (Crispy Melts for kids)  or both!  Subscribe and get your first shipment at 50% off. 

Wholesale cases

Create no lag time between provider recommendation and home use. Order and store wholesale cases in office that patients can purchase directly from you.  Each case has 40 full size packages of Crispy Melts.  Choose from the adult flavors or kids flavors. Shelf life is 1 year from date of manufacture.  

Patient Brochures

Select educational brochures for patients. Each brochure provides answers to commonly asked questions on the purpose of medically tailored transitional solids for adults or children.   Brochures are sold in 10 count.   

Discount Codes

We help build compliance with  your recommendations with our discount code program. When you subscribe to samples or cases of product, we provide you with a booklet of coupons your patients can use on our store.  Daily use of Crispy Melts at home supports skill advancement and oral intake.  

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