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Savorease Journal

  • The Impossible Snack Food Made Possible

    The importance of rapidly dissolvable solid foods for PFD remains. These foods can support tube feed weaning, reduce texture aversions and graduate children from purées to solids.  The need for improvement lies in better safety results, improved nutritional value, and more natural flavors that help children appreciate healthy food tastes.  
  • The Magical Ingredient: Aquafaba

    What makes our Savorease crackers so special? Aquafaba is a key ingredient in our crackers, making them vegan and gluten free. But do you know what aquafaba is?
  • OSU Shares the Inside Story of Savorease in "The Pursuit of an Impossible Food"

    Watch the video describing how patient struggles with swallowing issues led to innovation of the first dissolvable finger food for adults.
  • Finding Relief From Dry Mouth

    Everyone experiences dry mouth. That cotton ball sensation in your mouth that makes your tongue feel twice its’ size. Speech becomes an effort and ...
  • Dysphagia, Malnutrition and Savorease

  • Why do Savorease snacks fit into the early ALS diet?

    Eating is one of the most important pleasures of life that is often taken away from a person with progression of ALS.  When food preparation and th...